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This week, I’m welcoming my first ever returning guest over on Your Biz, Your Rules – my biz bestie, Emma Cossey. We’re digging into the importance of filling your gaps as a self-employed person. Because you can’t just go into business and stay the same forever. You have to evolve and develop with time, with tech changes and with everything else.

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The key takeaways:

💛People think learning has to be boring and it doesn’t. A lot of the things that you learn as a freelancer, or as a self-employed entrepreneur, are really fun. There are sales classes out there that teach you how to do sales in a fun, comfortable, non-icky way. There are so many different ways of doing things, that can actually turn the scary thing into a fun thing.

💛 A really important part of learning is the confidence and the control you get. One of the reasons I decided to start this podcast in the first place was that I wanted to explore all of these ways that you can build a business that feels good, that suits your own personality and isn’t just the done thing. I think that’s a really important thing to remember, because you can find experts out there that mesh with you, mesh with your values, mesh with your casual pace, and can teach you how to improve in certain areas. It’s not like they’re all working off a curriculum.

💛You know yourself, what you’ve got time for, what you’ve got energy for. So you can find the things that suit that. If you’ve just got five minutes while you’re making a cuppa, listen to a short podcast. Learning doesn’t have to be signing up for a huge course. It can be sitting down for half an hour with a video series or mini-course.

💛There may be all these learning opportunities out there, just remember DISCERNMENT. Just because there are a lot of podcasts you could listen to, or courses you could find, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should listen or sign up for all of them. Quality over quantity. It’s okay to follow someone for a while and get what you need from them, and then switch up and start following somebody else a little more closely when that’s the sort of stuff that you need.

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Emma Cossey is The Freelance Lifestyle Coach, career and life coach specialising in helping freelancers and the self-employed achieve their goals. She runs The Freelance Lifestyle, a blog, podcast, Facebook community and hangout for lovely freelance types.

Emma is also the founder of The Freelance Lifestash, which is a brilliant membership that rounds up all kinds of resources, templates, and trainings designed for business owners, self-employed types, or whatever you want to call yourself. It has not only the cornerstones that you need to have in place to really get started from a solid foundation but also stuff that will help you develop.

As you:

  • Grow into new directions
  • Develop new income streams
  • Enter new phases of life – if you’re navigating a new relationship and freelancing, or buying a house and freelancing, or parenting and freelancing.
  • Investigate all of that stuff which you’re not necessarily going to need to know at the beginning, it’s there.

Think of this like a pick-and-mix of perfect stuff to help you grow a business.

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