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I spend a whole bunch of time scrolling on Instagram (it’s a nice chunk of my job so I have an excuse reason) and one thing I see a lot of is people rabbiting on about self-care.

But in this delightfully curated Insta world, self-care seems to mean humble-bragging beach selfies, on-brand bath bombs and macaroons that coordinate a little too perfectly with that fresh manicure…

The reality is that self-care is all about looking after yourself… and looking after yourself isn’t always Instagram-worthy (but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it). Not everything needs to have an ulterior content motive.

In this episode of Your Biz, Your Rules, I share a whole bunch of creative self-care ideas that are far from Instagrammable, but SO beyond perfect.

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10 wildly refuelling acts of self-care to get you started:

💛 Dive into a big bowl of cheesy pasta.

😍 Give yourself a pedicure (yes this DOES count because NOBODY should be taking pictures of their feet.

💛 Wear your comfiest, most threadbare PJs and snuggle up with the dogs.

😍 Go for a long walk somewhere filled with nature… with no signal or internet access.

💛Take a long, hot shower.

😍 Dig out a little area of your garden and plant some fun things. Ok, this one might become Instagram-worthy, but right now it’ll just look like mud.

💛  Laugh along to a workout video from the early ’90s (my vote goes to Cher’s, she’s just fabulous)

😍 Lose a few hours on The Sims

💛 Create a fun new playlist and dance around the room like nobody’s watching… because nobody is.

😍 Binge watch some reality TV. Without any shame or guilt.

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The quotables:

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“Self-care is what you do for your own enjoyment and nourishment. It is not about showing off to the world.”

“There’s something so cathartic about a big, deep belly laugh.”

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