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*Exciting episode alert*

So I have been trying to get the lovely Gemma Went on my podcast since the day I decided I was going to have one, but this lady is *busy*. She runs one of the most engaging Facebook groups EVER, hosts multiple masterminds (one of which I’ve worked through myself), she’s a coach, a digital strategist, a course creator, a podcaster… the second I saw a slot in her calendar I was THERE.

(Fun fact, she was also my second ever client and we work with each other to this day)

Listen here:

The key takeaways:

💛 When you really want to knuckle down and start to focus, particularly if you’re looking to scale, you need to take a look at your product roadmap. Figure out what’s working, what isn’t and what you really want to give your attention to.

💛 Get super clear on your personal vision and your business goals, then whenever you get flooded with All The Ideas, you have a benchmark. Are they in alignment with what you want from life? Will they help you move closer towards your goals? If they don’t, but them on hold. You can always change your mind later.

💛 Values. It’s not enough to say you have them and then write about them all the time. You have to live those values and show them even when nobody’s watching. Think about how each of those core beliefs is manifested in real life terms and then bring them to life. They will become synonymous with your name, and that what will make “your people” really align with you. (Note: it’s not always easy. You might get questioned a lot, but it’s still an important part of showing up in your business.)

💛 Online marketing can be really overwhelming and confusing, especially if you’re not 100% clear on what’s right for you. It’s easy to follow someone else’s shiny strategy down the rabbit hole but that won’t always bring you the results you need. Gemma’s Smart Marketing System is an easy-to-customise framework that you can tweak, rinse and repeat every 90 days. It’s built around getting clarity on your people, processes and products and then developing marketing options that support, promote and sell you in all the right ways.

💛 If there is ONE thing you need to do to see big results in your business – make it building unwavering belief in yourself. Once you believe, everyone else will too. And why they believe, they’ll buy.

Listen to this episode here.

The links + stuff:

Listen here:

Gemma Went is a Business Mentor & Digital Strategist working with one woman bands to global brands, helping them to get the results they crave online. For over 17 years she’s been making sense of the digital world by creating simple, smart strategies that get results. She’s helped businesses achieve great things and smash their goals through her various frameworks and systems, all based on three core principles: Mindset + Strategy + Action. A podcaster, writer, speaker and panelist, she’s led the marketing at a range of businesses, been the social media director at two award winning London agencies and delivered successful digital strategies across many industries. She’s run two businesses of her own (the first she won an entrepreneur of the year award for) and helped hundreds of small business owners get the results they need, taking their business to the next level and helping them to reach the goals they desire. 

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