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Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like there is just ALWAYS SOMETHING TO DO when you’re running a business. It might look like things are dying down and you’ve achieved some semblance of the myth that is balance then BOOM. The internet breaks and you’ve got 3 weeks worth of fires to put out.

In the mayhem and madness, it can be difficult to keep creating (and publishing) content consistently. So maybe you put it off for a while. Maybe you tell yourself you’ll get to it when everything else is a bit easier.

*Six months pass and still no blog post*

Let me tell you why putting off creating content “until you’re ready” is a mistake. Content is what attract people (new and old) into your orbit. It’s a regular little touchpoint that reminds them who you are, what you do and all the amazing you have to offer. By publishing on-point digital content you are futureproofing your business; you’re ensuring you stay top of mind to all those potential customers and clients out there.

But it can still take time actually create it, right? Well, there’s no getting away from that… but in this episode, I’m sharing a handful of my favourite tactics to help you make time to create content (or do anything at all really), no matter how hideously busy you feel.

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If you fancy the briefest of overviews, here are the TOP SECRET TRICKS I use to make time to create content:

  • BONUS: Believe that you can actually do this stuff.
  • Look for space in your calendar and book it out for content creation. Treat this like you would a client booking.
  • Batch tasks that require the same headspace and/or skillset. (For example, batch your research, batch your drafting, batch your editing, batch your image creation, etc, etc)
  • Capture ideas as you go – don’t wait for inspiration to hit when you sit down to create.
  • Get help where you need it, whether that’s in the form of an app, a VA or a bit of accountability.
  • Be ruthless with your productivity. Switch off all potential distractions – all the devices, all the tabs, EVERYTHING, then set a timer and GO!
  • Make sure your templates are on point – I create templates for everything from Instagram posts, to show notes, to weekly newsletters.
  • Ride the waves of inspiration – create the things you enjoy in a way that you enjoy. Know what motivates you and use THAT to help you get things done.

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The quotables:

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“Time is a relative concept. You can make time for anything.”

“All you do is show up consistently and be yourself.”

“You’ll do your productivity wonders if you group together tasks of the same ilk.”

“If you’re not willing to sacrifice your precious ‘dicking about on Facebook’ time, there’s nothing I can do for you.”

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