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I’m just going to say it. I know SO many seemingly successful women who are so food and/or weight-obsessed that they’re not actually living the life they’re hungry for.

Seriously, how many of us are battling that inner gremlin and a near to daily basis? I know I am. It’s something I’m aware of and working on, but it’s still THERE.

Today’s guest is Rachel Foy, a coach who helps women stop fighting food so they can be back in control of their worlds and trust me, she has some killer stuff to share.

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The key takeaways:

💛 There’s a difference between being a foodie who just loves food and being so obsessed with food that it fills you with anxiety, overwhelm and self-castigation. When you turn food into an emotional issue, one where you deserve punishment for eating xyz, or you think there’s NO WAY IN HELL you can eat certain things, that’s when you need to step back and think “this obsession might not be healthy”.

💛 I find meals are the perfect way to bring some structure to you week (and days) especially when you work from home. There’s a nice amount of order that comes with meal planning. Just don’t take it too far. If you eat after 6pm you won’t die.

💛 Eating should be enjoyable and it should be fun and it should be pleasurable, and actually, it should be easy.

💛 Don’t underestimate how dangerous the dieting approach to food is because nobody ever intentionally sets out to become a huge dysfunctional eater, but as soon as you start with the rules and the plans and the programmes and the invisible labels with food, you’re already increasing your chance of eating disorders, of food obsession, of binging, of food anxiety, of overeating, of not knowing when to stop.

💛 It so common for entrepreneurial women to hold themselves back from being visible because of their weight or the way they look. It’s connected to this belief of not being good enough – an internal dialogue that in reality, your audience is not in agreement with. Nobody judges you the way YOU judge you. (Note: if you want to amp up your visibility in gentle, non-scary ways, join the Chill — Change — Cha-ching challenge today)

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The quotables:

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“To a hungry soul, food is an obsession. To a satisfied soul, food is just food.” – Rachel Foy

“Trello boards are safe. You don’t need to get rid of those.” – Rachel Foy

“We shouldn’t ever feel the need to apologize for how we look, whether we smile or not, whether we are tall or small, or big or not.” – Rachel Foy

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Rachel Foy is an eating psychology mindset mentor, clinical hypnotherapist, author of ‘The Hungry Soul’ and the founder of the Soul Fed Woman. She empowers female go-getters to stop fighting food and quieten their inner gremlin by taking their power back. 

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