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I’ll be honest, this episode is a deviation from my content plan. Yes, those happen, even for me.

The thing is, during the past week or so, the topic of boundaries has cropped up at least 12 times so I thought maybe I should dig into that a bit, and talk a little bit about WHY boundaries are so important and HOW to create boundaries that work you and everyone around you.

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5 boundary lines that make ALL the difference:

  1. Working hours. Including break times.
  2. Project scope, set deliverable, and the zone of genius you will not waver from.
  3. Pricing. Don’t wiggle. If someone wants to pay less they get less.
  4. Channels of communications. Not every platform has to be a client platform.
  5. Timelines – what are your turnaround times and when do require input from others?

Tips for keeping those boundaries in place:

  • Define them. List them all out and make them accessible for everyone, whether that’s in an autoresponder, a client agreement or a simple email.
  • Stick to them yourself (others will take cues from your behaviour, remember that).
  • If you really, truly can’t stay out of your inbox outside of working hours, check out Boomerang.
  • Create scripts that handle each type of boundary cross, so that you can easily, stresslessly deal with those less than ideal situations.
  • Always be transparent with what you think and what you need. Difficult conversations get way more difficult when you put them off.

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“Having boundaries does not make you a dick.” – Daire Paddy

“Boundaries are the hard edges that allow your brain to do its best work.” – Daire Paddy

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