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Here’s a fun thing I never quite expected… sometimes things just feel like they’re going well.

As a lifelong cynic, I’ve always had one foot in damage limitation mode, but recently, things have been feeling good. Maybe it’s because the days are getting sunnier. Maybe it’s because I’ve added a couple of new faces to my team and it’s taken that pressure cooker off the boil. Maybe I’m just feeling inspired.

Life and business are just feeling right.

That doesn’t mean I have a seven-figure launch story to share, or some life-altering transformation in the works, it just means things are ticking along nicely. Being in the business world doesn’t always mean you have to be riding the high highs and the low lows.

Here’s this week’s collection of brain-boosting ideas for you (maybe these are why it’s all good at the mo?):

Focus. Fully.

Ok, I said there was no drastic life transformation and that was a partial lie… a couple of weeks ago I started using the Full Focus Planner and OH. MY. GOD.

Let me just give you a list of why it’s completely amazing:

  • It makes it easy to set your goals and turn them into quarterly/weekly/daily priorities.
  • It pushes you to design your ideal week, including all the habits and rituals that will get you there… and then also includes bits and pieces to make sure you stick to your intentions.
  • It forces you to stay hyper-focused on tasks that will bring you closer to your dream (rather than just keeping you busy).
  • It encourages you to optimise your downtime for refueling and rejuvenation.

And I’m happy to report that ever since I started using this bad boy, I’ve stuck to my working hours AND taken weekends off. Let’s be real, beforehand, that just wasn’t a thing.

Find out more and/or order one for yourself here.

Whack it on a whiteboard.

The Chalkboard Method is a technique designed by the gals over at Being Boss (and one I’ve mentioned before). The idea is that you make literal space for whatever it is you want to welcome in (such as a specific number of new clients, for example) on a chalkboard or something similar.

I haven’t actually done this for my own business in a while… even though it’s actually the reason I bought a massive whiteboard to hand on my office wall. Yesterday, I pulled out my pens and sketched out how many people I’d like to start working with before the end of the quarter, and how many new members I’d like to bring into the Content Arsenal.

Within 3 hours, we had someone new join my merry band of Arsenalistas – I’m calling that a big fat win!

Learn the ins and outs of The Chalkboard Method here.

Slam the ‘Gram.

If you don’t know how obsessed I am with Instagram… well… you’re probably brand new here.

In particular, I’m really enjoying Instagram Stories at the mo, and that’s all thanks to Alex Beadon’s brilliant course Gram Slam.

Pre G.S. I was a bit “meh” about the whole Stories concept. I kind of just saw them as (another) way for people to show what they’re having for breakfast or where they’re having cocktails… BORING!

I’m all about fun, personality-fuelled content and Gram Slam helped me to see that Stories are a truly AMAZING platform for creating just that. Since I started actually implementing each of her lessons, I’ve upped my following, I’ve upped my engagement, I’ve boosted sales (yes, really!) and most importantly (to me), I’ve found a fabulous new format for creative (yet relevant to my biz) expression.

All in all, if I had to sign up all over again, I’d do it.

Dive into Instagram Story magic for yourself here.

Vlog like a boss.

Last week I mentioned my new habit of always having one work of fiction, one biography, and one biz/personal development book on the go…

Vlog Like A Boss by Amy Schmittauer (now Landino) was one of those biz book choices. I’ve followed Amy on YouTube for years, so I knew that she’d be THE ONE to learn about video from. What I love about everything she does is that she brings both fun and practicality, because yes, I want to be entertained, but I also want to know exactly how something will work for me.

My favourite thing about this book is that it really doesn’t just apply to YouTube or video blogging – you’ve probably already seen that I’m at best half-arsed when it comes to video content, but this book is filled with tips, tricks, and inspo that can be applied to any other content you’re creating. (So for me, right now, it’s all about those Instagram Stories again. See previous point.)

Swipe a copy here or check out Amy on YouTube here.

Tap it out.

I’m pretty new to the world of tapping, in fact, I pretty much dismissed it as nonsense until I had the chance to chat to Marie Houlden about it here.

Since that interview, I started seeing a few demons raising their heads over and over again, so I decided to work with Marie one on one… I can say that I’m officially an EFT convert. Tapping has become part of that lovely morning routine I’ve designed for myself, and I really do feel like it puts me in the right place to start my day.

If you fancy access to over 100 tapping videos for just £9 a month ( with the first month free), do go check out her membership programme here.

Fuel yourself properly… in a literal sense.

This one is for all of my work-from-home buddies out there…

Feed yourself. Properly. Saying, “Oh, I’ll just make some toast.” every couple of hours is not going to set your brain up to do its best work. As much as I hate to admit. (Because I do love toast more than life.)

For endless “working at home” recipe inspiration, take a deep dive into The Freelancer’s Cookbook here.

Work with me?

Last week I was working on putting together a masterclass on slaying your web copy, and as I was creating slides covering the different website pages you could create, I had a lightning bolt moment…

When did I actually last update my work with me page??

(Answer: about 10 months.)

I had offers on there I’d retired. I had incorrect pricings. I had some of my favourite offers missing… time for an overhaul, big time. So I spent a couple of hours revisiting and revamping – now it’s super clear how people can hire me, buy from me and generally collab with me. And that’s what you want. You don’t want eager buyers confused about how to give you money.

Your challenge for today? Go make sure your own work with me page is on point.

Has something given your brain (or business) a boost this week? Share it below 👇