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In this episode of Your Biz, Your Rules, we’re digging deep into MINDSET. More specifically, how to develop a success mindset and bring that to life a little bit in your business.

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The key takeaways:

  • Often there is a running theme. It comes in so many different disguises, but when you break it down, a lot of it is to do with not feeling worthy or deserving of success. A lot of female business owners have self-love issues, but a lot of them are driven by experiences or situations or people that have affected them in the past, and it’s that that really holds them back, and defining their choices and their decisions.
  • Affirmations work amazingly well because there’s nothing more powerful than the sound of our own voice. If we’re constantly putting ourselves down, that is all we’re going to attract, and that’s all our mind is gonna focus on. If we can change those words to something a lot more forgiving and a lot more loving towards ourselves, naturally we start to feel better.
  • With visualization, you can actually really work on filling the void in a positive way, because quite often if we have issues with self-love, we try to fill that void through lots of different things. Some people do it through alcohol, through food, through buying the next shiny object on offer, going shopping loads, trying to make themselves feel good, in the hopes that internally you might feel better.
  • Meditation is brilliant in so many different ways when it comes to calming your system down and getting you to start to really rebalance and reconnect to who you are and the resources you have within you. If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable, there are a couple of exercises that you can use (listen to the ep for details).
  • It’s about finding stuff that works for you and tweaking it in a way that makes you comfortable, because the last thing you want to be doing, is squirming at the thought of doing things. Equally, you do need to be open-minded about things feeling a bit uncomfortable, because sometimes that’s your minds way of showing you that something’s important and deserves your focus.
  • If you can start to celebrate the wins, you’re focusing on more winning, and then you’re naturally going to be more focused and more motivated to get MORE wins.

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Awareness is absolutely key, and once you know what you’re working with, then you can start to do the inner work. – Emma Gibbs-Ng

Journaling is great for writing how you’re feeling, but also for writing how you want to feel. – Emma Gibbs-Ng

Be grateful for the pizza. – Daire Paddy

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it. – Emma Gibbs-Ng

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Emma is a mindset coach and hypnotherapist helping women gain clarity, focus and confidence to push past fear, let go of the past and take control of their happiness, success and abundance 

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