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I’m hitting you early for this week’s episode of Your Biz, Your Rules because, well, it’s a holiday weekend so I feel like a lot of you will really need to hear the cozy message heading your way. Also, it’s my podcast and I can do what I want!

In this show, I’m chatting with the wonderful Jordana Jaffe about all sorts, from building positive, nourishing Facebook communities, to exercising your mindset muscle on the regular. Enjoy!

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The key takeaways:

💛 A lot of people are on the quest to stand out, but it’s really just about the allowance, the giving yourself permission to be who you are and OWN WHO YOU ARE. Then, no matter what your “thing” is, others will connect you with it. You’ll become known for simply being yourself.

💛 Running a business can be the introvert’s dream, but it can also give you the permission to isolate yourself in a way that isn’t always good. The key is to be mindful of your own needs. We’re all different and self-awareness can really be your saviour.

💛 It’s SO important to have your mindset on board. It’s great to be aware of the Facebook algorithm and its limitations but no algorithm has the power to determine your success. Circumstances are inherently neutral – it’s your belief and your action that paves the way to your future.

💛 Your community will only be as active and inspired and happy as you are. It’s a matter of being consistent and really asking for what you want. It really will all depend on the specific goal you have for your Facebook group.

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“You don’t need a membership program to have ongoing revenue.” – Jordana Jaffe

“Think of this as a gym membership for your mindset.” – Jordana Jaffe

“Is your mindset muscle strong enough and conditioned enough to keep going?” – Jordana Jaffe

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Jordana Jaffe is a mindset coach and the founder of She helps entrepreneurs who feel stuck and overwhelmed shift their thoughts and beliefs so that they can feel more confident, motivated, and inspired to make their dreams a reality. She’s an expert at busting through your limiting beliefs, uncovering the story that’s keeping you stuck, and supporting you in creating a new one so that you achieve your goals no matter what. 

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