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Have I mentioned that I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram Stories? Well, Instagram in general if we’re being honest.

But Stories. I mean:

  • They’re given a ton of priority by Instagram’s algorithm (meaning more eyes on your stuff).
  • They’re ephemeral, meaning they disappear, meaning that if you’re not loving something you put out there… it doesn’t really matter. It’ll be gone soon.
  • They’re FUN. I like fun.

So in celebration of Instagram Stories, and all they have to offer, Emma Cossey and I are joining forces to hijack VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April/August). For the uninitiated, it’s an online movement where a whole bunch of people commits to vlogging every day for a month.

Our version? You’d commit to sharing an Instagram Story every day for a month.

We’re keeping the rules SUPER relaxed.

You could share something as simple as one image. You could share a short video. You could mix it up and alternate, or share all of the things in a really creative way. This is simply about pulling the curtain back on your business in a way that fun, free and fairly effortless. The only thing we ask is that you tag your Stories with #StoryVEDA so that we can come find you and give you some love.

We’re offering a bunch of prompts (which you’ll find at the bottom of this post) which you can use for inspiration (but you don’t have to).

If you’re interested in the community/connection side of things, you can sign up here (this will populate the spreadsheet below with your Instagram handle so other participants can reach out and share the love, it will not add you to anybody’s mailing list).

A note on creating dynamic instagram stories…

If you’re looking for help creating stand-out Stories, I have just the ticket. Alex Beadon’s new course, Gram Slam, is where I learned how to put together Instagram Stories that show myself and my business off in the most creative, glorious, FUN way and I fully recommend it to you. If you haven’t a clue how to get started… she’s got you covered. If you’re looking for ways to make your Stories pretty (and interesting)… she’s got you covered. If you want to put some strategy behind it? Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s all in there. Find out more here.

The #StoryVEDA Prompts

Day 1 // Intro + why you’re doing #StoryVEDA

Give us a short, sweet description of who you are and what you do. We’d also LOVE to hear why you’ve decided to join us for #StoryVEDA.

Day 2 // Camera lover or hater?

How do you feel about step out in front of that lense… and why? What is it about being visible that makes you feel so great (or not great)?

Day 3 // One big goal

What’s your focus right now? This could be your focus for the day, the week, the month, whatever! We’d love to hear what you’re aiming towards.

Day 4 // Insta tipz

What’s your facourite Instagram trick? (If you’re signing up for a Story challenge you must have at least ONE).

Day 5 // Share a struggle

What are you trying to figure out at the moment? Is there something you can decide on, or can’t make work? Share it with us… bonus points if you reach out to someone else who’s signed up and offer them a suggestion.

Day 6 // On the bookshelf

What are you reading? What’s next on your list? What’s your favourite takeaway from your favourite book?

Day 7 // Unwind

How do you like to unwind after a day doing all the work?

Day 8 // How you plan

Let’s talk planners – paper, digital or a bit of both?

Day 9 // People who inspire

Who do you follow who has really made a difference? Who never fails to inspire? Who has taught you an important lesson? Who should WE be cyberstalking?

Day 10 // Tools, tools, tools!

Share a tool that helps you do what you do.

Day 11 // What are you up to?

Time for a little peek behind the scenes at what you’re working on.

Day 12 // Your morning, unfiltered

Let’s bust the myth that is the Miracle Morning and share the reality of morning routines.

Day 13 // The best advice, the worst advice

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? What’s the worst? OR what advice would you like to give to yourself (or someone else)?

Day 14 // Your journaling process

Do you journal? If yes, what does that look like? Do you have a fave notebook? Do you use prompts? Give us the scoop!

Day 15 // Where do you find inspiration?

Interpret as you will!

Day 16 // Quote me on this

Quote yourself if you have a tendency to be wise, or share a quote from a favourite book, TV show, song, etc, etc…

Day 17 // Fave listens

What do you love to have coming atcha through those headphones?

Day 18 // What kind of creator are you?

Are you a writer? A podcaster? A video superstar? Show us a bit of that (and tell us how to find you!)

Day 19 // Workspace

Let’s see all those bright white, unnaturally tidy flat lays (I joke). Share a glimpse of your real life workspace.

Day 20 // Unfunk yourself

What tactics do you whip out whenever you need to get yourself out of a funk?

Day 21 // How do you help?

Ooh we’re getting deep! Share how you help your clients with the work you do – this is your chance to sell yourself to us so GO WILD!

Day 22 // #workwithme (all day)

Check in throughout the day and show us what it looks like to work with you. Because we’re nosy and we want to know, mkay?

Day 23 // There’s an app for that

*Not that we are in any way just looking for new apps to play with.*

Day 24 // Work schedule – yay or nay?

Are you a hardcore planner or a casual “go with the flow-er”?

Day 25 // One thing that makes your life easier

This could be a tool, a habit, a workflow, a mindset, a person…

Day 26 // What’s on your wishlist?

(Not sure this one needs an explanation…)

Day 27 // Share your values

What do you stand for, like truly deeply? What are those superstrength beliefs that guide everything you do?

Day 28 // What keeps you on track?

How do you hold yourself accountable? How do you stay focused on your goals?

Day 29 // Your fave Story technique

It’s Day 29… you must have figured out something you like by now…

Day 30 // Where else can we find you?

It’s our last day together, so share how we can stay in touch. Obviously, we’ve got Instagram, but take this opportunity to share your website and any other channels where you’re particularly active.

So what do you say? Are you ready to nail Instagram Stories once and for all?