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As much as I love all my guests, and all my interviews, on Your Biz, Your Rules, I have to admit that this show, featuring the one and only Lisa Carpenter, was bloody brilliant. She has so much insanely insightful stuff to share… it felt kind of like a mini-coaching session on the topic of business self-care (and much, much, more).

I hope you guys all enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording (and I hope you all get as much out of the chat too).

Listen here:

The key takeaways:

💛 When we actually allow ourselves to feel what’s going on for us, we stop engaging in these numbing behaviors, whether it’s with our nutrition, how we’re beating ourselves up in the mirror, how we’re constantly busy, and stressed out and strung out at work doing all the things, or perfectionism, or trying to control all the pieces, or taking care of everybody to our own detriment, or constantly saying yes all the time and then wondering why we’ve got nothing left for ourselves… If we just pause long enough to appreciate ourselves for where we are, instead of constantly beating ourselves up over where we think we should be, or where we’re not, life gets a lot more peaceful. Beating up on ourselves can take up a tremendous amount of bandwidth – it really robs us of being present in our lives and enjoying the things that are here now.

💛  While you do have to pay attention to the food you put in your mouth, you also have to pay closer attention to your self-talk, and how you’re showing up in the world, and any other behaviours if you want to change anything.

💛  When we say that we have to do everything alone, we actually put a choke hold on our business, because our business can’t grow if we’re doing all the things. We become the bottleneck in our business.  We stop ourselves from actually creating the wealth and abundance in our lives because we’re not hiring somebody to help us.

💛 With copywriting specifically, you really have to take the time to find the right person who can really capture your message, and you have to be prepared to put your hands on it. You have to be willing to collaborate because you can’t just hand over to your copy to someone and think they’re going to nail your message right at the offset.

💛  Being busy and constantly doing things is a numbing behaviour, make no mistake.  If we’re not giving ourselves that time to rest, and recover, and be creative, and get out and play, we actually aren’t moving our businesses forward. We’re just in this hamster wheel, making up this story that being busy is moving us forward, without actually doing anything that’s super productive. It’s just busy work.

Listen to this episode here.

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The quotables:

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“It’s incredibly vulnerable to put your work out into the world” – Lisa Carpenter

“Everybody can be a writer.” – Lisa Carpenter

“When somebody says to me, “You are the same person in person as online”, that matters.” – Lisa Carpenter

“The things we love, we take care of.” – Lisa Carpenter

Listen here:

Lisa Carpenter, CNC, CSNC, Pn1, CPT, is a nutrition and life coach who empowers driven achievers to connect deeply with their emotions, free themselves from judgment, and create lasting physical and emotional transformation. With almost two decades of experience as a health and fitness professional, Lisa is a sought-after speaker, coach, and educator who helps women make peace with their bodies and free themselves from the constraints of traditional dieting.

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