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Over the past few weeks, the online business has been going MAD. The reason? Another much dreaded Facebook update.

The implication is that Facebook will become more of a “pay to play” platform so in this episode of Your Biz, Your Rules, I’m joined by a digital expert who has lots of Facebook ads tips to share. Not only that, but we discuss lots of ways to get around those pesky updates and keep getting your message out for FREE.

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The key takeaways:

💛 The biggest mistake people make when they’re getting started with ads is thinking that a bigger audience is better. You need to know exactly who you want to target and niche down. Use these smaller audiences if you ever boost your posts too.

💛 Tracking is the most beneficial thing you can do. Monitoring the results of your different advertising activities will help you determine exactly what works for you and your audience (and exactly what doesn’t).

💛 Videos are going to do great on Facebook this year because when you’re doing a live stream on your page, people will watch it and engage, creating a natural conversation. People will be replying to questions you ask during the video and then other people will be engaging with those comments. This is the type of content that Facebook will keep promoting heavily so definitely look into live streaming if you haven’t started doing that yet.

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The quotables:

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“Don’t try to copy ads that you see from other people, even if you think that they’re cool.” – Tamara Baranova

“Don’t tire out your audience with constant updates that are just there to occupy the newsfeed.” – Tamara Baranova

“We can’t just post and run, we have to stay there, be present and actually talk to people.”  – Daire Paddy

“Adapt and change, but don’t quit.” – Tamara Baranova

As a certified 6-figure launch strategist and Facebook Ads Manager, Tamara Baranova works with coaches and consultants who want to build a profitable, purposeful and sustainable business selling info-products and services online.

She’s a mom of 3, lives in a small market town in England, a half-Russian and half-Estonian Computer Science graduate who hates programming, and tech geek with a love for learning more all the time.

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