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In this episode of Your Biz, Your Rules I’m interviewing plus-size marathon runner, author, motivational speaker, life coach and brains behind GLOBAL fitness movement “Too Fat To Run”, Julie Creffield.

(Wow, what a mouthful! She really is that impressive though.)

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The key takeaways:

💛 We all make up these little stories about why we can’t do things, from not being able to go backpacking to not being able to wear hats. When you declutter these beliefs you’ll feel so much better. You’ll also be able to apply that little change to something a lot bigger.

💛 There is power in anonymity. So many people moan that nobody is engaging with their content yet, but that’s your opportunity to experiment, and try things out and figure out what you like sharing.

💛 There are so many bloggers now that it’s really hard to stand out. The way you do it is by allowing your readers into your life. You can’t just comment on other stuff, you need to give people a window into how it affects you. A lot of people think their stories have to be these big, enlightening, empowering moments, but that’s not the case.

💛 Everybody seems to be broadcasting right now. Everyone is starting a conversation and nobody is coming in to finish it. Asking for feedback and then engaging with those opinions will get you far.

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The quotables:

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“There are silver linings everywhere.” – Daire Paddy

“You can be selective. Just tell tiny little bits and snippets and stories.” – Julie Creffield

“Everyone’s talking about the same stuff. You’ve got to package it up differently.” – Julie Creffield

“As humans, we want to connect with other humans.” – Julie Creffield

Listen here:

Julie Creffield is an award-winning blogger and the founder and CEO of Too Fat to Run a global enterprise that helps thousands of overweight women survive and thrive in the sport of running.

With 3 marathons, an ultramarathon, a tough mudder and hundreds of other races under her belt she now uses social media and a range of online coaching programmes to inspire and motivate inactive women all over the world to live a bigger more fulfilling life regardless of their size.

Managing her multiple and often competing roles as international speaker, author, life coach, running guru, online influencer, and of course single parent to 4 and a half year old Rose, Julie uses her fear crushing, quick, cheap and dirty, go get them attitude to show women who want more from life how to use fear as a tool to keep those Big Fat Stupid Goals on track.

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