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I meet a fair few business owners who dream of the day they can have a team to help them out.

It can feel overwhelming trying to do all of the things, all by yourself. And if you’re faced with a big deadline or a demanding client? Forget about it. Your content goals slide straight to the bottom of the to-do list.

That’s where I step in, with my mission to help you take back control. I want you to see that you can weave content creation into your workload, even if you’re fully booked.

Clue in your calendar

Look for spaces in your schedule and book in your content time. Treat it as sacred – just like you would with a client booking.

Let me be clear about something – you do not need a whole day to get your content under control. It could be an hour over the weekend. It could be 10 minutes a day. Make it work for you, but most importantly, make it work.

Batch tasks of a kind

There’s a whole load of research that shows the negative impact of switching between tasks. It’s no secret, so I won’t repeat it all here.

You’ll do your productivity wonders if you group together jobs of a similar ilk. Use one of your content slots for writing, another for filming, another for editing, another for creating visuals, etc…

Get help where you need it

If you struggle to figure out how to do something, ask people in your favourite Facebook group. If you could use some support with your research, check out a service like Fancyhands… but this doesn’t necessarily have to apply to help from humans.

You should also investigate tools to make your life easier. Streamlining and automation are a business owner’s besties.

If you need a place to start, try reading these:

Be ruthless with your productivity

Please listen to me – you will get NOWHERE if you’re not willing to get serious. If you’re not willing to sacrifice your precious “dicking about on Facebook” time, there’s nothing I can do for you.

If you are willing to get serious, I’ll share my super-simple 2-step productivity tip with you…

Step 1: Switch off distractions. That means the phone goes off, the social media goes off and anything else that might tug at your attention.

Step 2: Use the good old tomato timer and work in 25-minute sprints. Genius, I know.*

*Not really, but sometimes simple shit actually works.

Combine baby steps with big fun

My group programme, the Content Arsenal, is the ultimate solution to your over-worked, under-contented woes.

By combining bite-sized daily action steps and hoot-filled monthly challenges you’ll have everything you need to nail your content strategy, execution and workflow… without sacrificing your sanity.

You can find more about that gem here.

So here’s your job – pick one of the tips from this post, any tip, then go away and implement it.

Stick with it for 7 days, and tell me it hasn’t made all the difference.