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When I first started writing, it was for the pure joy of it.

I wrote a whole series of stories about a Victorian chimney sweep. I wrote pages and pages about a family of monsters. I wrote “poetry” about pink and purple pandas, eating piles and piles of processed peas.

It was this fundamental love of writing that led me to blogging, and by extension, this business. But on the other side of that coin, it’s brought me into a world where the driving force seems to be a quest for “conversions”.

Throughout history, anyone who has created art worth consuming has done it because they wanted to (or because they were “called to”) not out of obligation. And that’s what digital content is – an art form.

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, if it’s a real struggle for you, your audience will feel that. They will see your lack of enthusiasm, and they will match it with their own.

I want to introduce a bit of a radical thought here… what if creating content for your business could be uncompromising, unwavering FUN?

What if it could be something that brings actual pleasure?

Well… it can be.

  • Pick a format that feels natural. If you’re not a natural born writer, don’t write. If you’re camera shy, don’t try to be a YouTube sensation.
  • Experiment with the structure of your content, the tools you use and the topics you cover until you find the sweet spot.
  • Get involved with other people. Interview them, be interviewed. Jam out ideas with someone. Collaborate on something exciting. Connect with your audience and also your peers.
  • Know what motivates you – then chase it. If the accountability of a daily challenge inspires you, find one!

And most importantly, if you’re ready to join the revolution, and embrace the FUN in your work, let me know below!

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