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This week I had the opportunity to be a guest on Jo Gifford’s podcast, Blow up the Blueprint, where we talked all things creative thinking (and creative language).

Before we dive into what can only be described as CREATIVE GENIUS (and a bit of flim flam), I thought I’d share a little about my history with the lovely Jo…

Jo is a recovering overwhelmed entrepreneur, who fuses creative thinking and whipsmart workflows to help business owners ignite their brilliance. You can find her over on her website or hanging out in her Facebook group.

Back in 2014, Jo was my first ever, actual paying client. She is the one that made me think, “huh, people will actually pay me for lolz.” Since then, she has referred me to a bunch of other clients, made me sack a bunch of mood-hoovering clients, and spent an inordinate amount of time discussing Party of Five with me. In other words, she is clearly entirely responsible for my current success.

So, onto the listening:

Creative thinking + creating your own language

Listen here and hear…

  • The one thing that EVERYONE forgets about content.
  • How I juggle all the client work with my own influx of ideas.
  • How I design my diary (and how you can colour code your calendar for success).
  • The importance of making time for creative play (or risk obliterating your own brilliance).
  • Some tough love for the over-achievers out there.
  • A bunch of hacks to help you stand out online.
  • The benefits of bringing in stories from outside of your business.
  • All the guilty pleasures.
  • The science behind having a low-brow fallow day.
  • How to hire a writer without losing your mind (or your individuality).
  • A  couple of handy tips for SOUNDING LIKE YOU online.
  • How I boosted my own confidence (and visibility) online.
  • All the stuff that’s DRIVING ME MAD online.
  • The most (impressively) disruptive thing Jo’s seen on the interwebz.

How can you NOT want to listen? Find us here.

Bits and bobs mentioned in this episode:


When you’re yourself online you’ll attract people you actually WANT to work with. If you project yourself a certain way online, people will always expect that from you. It’s so much EFFORT to try and be someone else. You can blather on about the things you LIKE speaking about, and nobody’s going to die. If someone cannot appreciate a good Buffy reference they should just GET OUT. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your creativity is to DO NOTHING. What’s wrong with polarizing people? When you’re confident and show your personality without shame, people are attracted to that.

I need you to not be here if I’m not resonating with you.