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Content Conquered is a series of mini-posts designed to ignite content ideas and inspire you to get creative online.

Every other instalment in the Content Conquered series has had one foot in the digital, but today I want to talk about using your old notebooks to inspire new content ideas.

I am a BIG fan of using pen and paper. In fact, every single thing I write is drafted by hand before being typed up. Perhaps not the most eco-friendly approach, but it’s an important part of my creative process.

Today’s challenge is to dig out all those old notebooks. You may not be as paper-centric as I am, but you’ll have something. Notes from courses you’ve done, post-its featuring random scribbles, ancient to-do lists, mind maps, brain dumps and lists of ideas, journals… all of these will work.

The technique is simple. Flip back through this paperwork, and look at what the “past you” was thinking. You’ll often find that your readers are in the position you were a few years ago – so take advantage of the fact that you know how that feels.

Use these prompts to guide your note-taking:

  • Were you facing any particular struggles?
  • Did you have a list of topics you wanted to learn more about?
  • What was your focus at the time?
  • Did you note down any ideas that you forgot to implement?
  • Has your process changed?
  • What were you working on?
  • Who were you working with?
  • What were your big goals at the time?
  • How did you structure your time?
  • What did you find really exciting?
  • Who (or what) was inspiring you?
  • Which tools were you relying on?

All of this info can be turned into pieces of content for your favourite platform.

People like to see the journey you’ve been on – nobody trusts an overnight, six-figure success story. Share your progress.