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Content Conquered is a series of mini-posts designed to ignite content ideas and inspire you to get creative online.

I need to start out by saying I LOVE Evernote, and I have for years. At some point or another, I have used Evernote to manage my entire life.

I’ve used it to stash inspiration. I’ve used it to make shopping lists. I’ve used it to brain dump ideas. I’ve used it to plan out new products. I’ve used it to make notes on different e-courses. I’ve used it to journal. I’ve used it write letters. I’ve used it save things to read later. I’ve used it to draft posts and articles.

That means I have an actual shit-ton of stuff in there. (We can blame the super handy Web Clipper for some of this.)

Some of it is beautifully archived, some of it isn’t. Today’s prompt is to dig through that secret stash of things that haven’t been filed. You’ll find things you forgot all about, and you’ll leave with some truly killer ideas (I promise).

I went through mine and found:

I won’t lie, I got massively distracted by all the meals I want to make, and creative projects I want to try… but amongst that? Some seriously kickass content.

Do you see how you can find content inspiration in the things you already have to hand? Take a look through those Evernote-books of yours and see what sparks start to fly.