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Content Conquered is a series of mini-posts designed to ignite content ideas and inspire you to get creative online.
If we’re all truly, brutally, honest, we all spend a lot of time dicking about on Facebook.
Whether you’re scrolling mindlessly through your news feed, clicking through to the most inane “trending” news possible, or getting sucked into a vortex of political debate, you’re spending a lot of your day with that big blue F.
I’m not going to tell you to stay off Facebook – that would make me a hypocrite.
What I AM going to say, is that you should make your time there matter. Use one of the most fantastic free resources available to build your network and boost your content (I’m talking about Facebook groups, just in case you didn’t get that).
Head over to some of your favourite (relevant) online communities, and hit the search bar with some niche terms.
You’ll get a feed filled discussions highlighting the REAL struggles of REAL people. Address those struggles with your content.
Let’s take a look at a few totally-real-not-made-up examples from my fave Facebook groups:

Search term: planning

I’m not sure how this has happened but I’ve somehow spread the planning of my new business over One Note, Trello and Asana! I think I prefer Asana and One Note but both for different reasons. I only want to use one…how do I decide?

Content ideas:

  • How to plan for your brand new business
  • One Note vs. Trello vs. Asana vs. any other planning platform you know of
  • How I use [your fave app] to plan, create and kill it in business
I’m looking to buy a really good planner! I currently use the passion planner, but I think there’s so much to fill out that I get overwhelmed and don’t go through with the things I plan. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good planner that helps keep you accountable?

Content ideas:

  • A peek inside my planner
  • Planner porn: 10 gorgeous biz planners on my Christmas wish list
  • 3 offline ways to hold yourself accountable
Has anyone started their big picture biz goals and planning for 2017? If so, what did u decide? If not, when’s the best time to do this?

Content ideas:

  • How to set “big picture” goals for your business
  • Plan for success: how to create the best year of your biz
  • 5 signs it’s time for another planning session

Search term: Twitter

Does anyone use Twitter any more in an interactive way, rather than mostly for automated tweets going out? It used to be my main channel and then it went weird and now when I go back in, it’s crickets. I’m seriously considering removing the channel from my strategy completely and focusing my full attention elsewhere. What’s your experience?

Content ideas:

  • 5 creative ways to engage on Twitter
  • How to use Twitter to inspire your digital content
  • What to do if all you hear online are crickets
  • Twitter changed my business (a true story)
Has anyone come across an alternative to the old Nutshell for twitter updates? It was so useful and time saving and I can’t find anything that does a similar job.

Content ideas:

  • 5 new tools to help you turn it UP on Twitter
  • How to find fabulous content to share online
  • 10 tips for slamming your social media in minutes

I’ve been getting added to “lists” on twitter. What does that mean?

Content ideas:

  • How to use Twitter lists to up your influence online
  • The benefits of being on someone else’s Twitter lists
  • 5 ways to harness Twitter lists for smart research
Take action: Pick out 2-3 themes and search for them in your top 5 Facebook groups. Add the results to your swipe file, and refer back to them next time writer’s block creeps up.