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From the “own business” perspective, we all know the power (and pride) of a great testimonial. But nothing strikes fear our hearts like being asked to provide one for someone we love.

How can we do that person/product/service justice in three lines or less?

Trust me, if you’ve never experienced writer’s block, you will the moment someone asks you for one of these bad boys.

But because I’m SO fabulous, I thought I’d give you a few testimonial scripts to get you out of that pot hole. Templates, that with a bit of tweaking, will leave everyone happy:

Testimonial scripts for your swipe file

Lay that love on thick!

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Testimonial for a PERSON

Before discovering [name] I felt so [confused/overwhelmed/scared] by [that person’s area of genius]. I used to believe [a doubt you had before interacting with that person] because [why did you believe that? add a touch of personal story]. After [talking to/engaging with/learning from] [name] I realised that I can [key difference] as long as I’m [willing/brave enough/strong enough/dedicated enough] to [key lesson].

Testimonial for a GROUP OR COMMUNITY

I joined [name of group] back in [month/year] after struggling with [2 specific struggles]. After spending a little time engaging with other members, I realised it’s not just me! Other people felt just as [negative feeling you’ve experienced] as me. Having that extra support has been [priceless/invaluable/life-changing]. [Owner of group] really has created the most [nurturing/no-nonsense/helpful] community with his/her [what specifically is different about the way they run a group?]. I can’t thank him/her enough.


I’ve struggled with [specific problem this product addresses] ever since [specific point in your life]. I felt like I’ve never be able to [rephrase your key problem] – boy, was I wrong! After grabbing [name of product] I discovered just how different things could be. Through [2 key features of product] I learned that [your big takeaway]. I can’t even describe the impact this has had on my [life/business/health]. [Name of creator] is pure genius, and I simply can’t wait to see what he/she does next!


For over [specific length of time] I struggled to [specific problem]. [Reason you found it so difficult]. I tried every from [one failed solution] to [another failed solution], but I still ended up feeling [stuck/baffled/overwhelmed/sick]. I finally signed up for [name of service] with [name of person] – now I just can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! After working with [name], my whole [life/business] changed. I learned [2 specific lessons] – something that hadn’t really sunk in before. I realised that if I’m willing to [put the work in/take action/ invest in an expert] [specific impact this will have on your life/business].

If you’re thinking “Hell no, I want to write it all MYSELF”, go for it – just remember the rules:

  • Focus on the problem you had
  • Explain why you chose the solution you did
  • Note what was special about your experience
  • Describe the impact (both in tangible results and feelings)
  • Include the business’s name and product name (if applicable)

Testimonial scripts for your swipe file

Lay that love on thick!

I hate spam. Tinned and otherwise. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

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