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We all feel it sometimes, whether we’re bloggers, authors, teachers or office lackeys. Sometimes the words just don’t come.

And for some people, it’s no big deal. If you write as a hobby, it’s ok if you can’t squeeze out some copy. Not brilliant, but your livelihood doesn’t depend on it or anything.

I am an old hat when it comes to suffering from writer’s block. I am no stranger to staring at a blank screen with a looming deadline, or sitting there with a pen willing a press release to come forth of its own accord.

So that you, loyal readers, don’t have to go back to feeling so utterly, frustratingly, murderously powerless, I thought I’d share my five simple tips for beating that writer’s block and getting your mojo back:

writer's block - 1

“How?!”, I hear you screaming.

The ritual of creating content every day is a way to allow your brain to get some of that quality input out in your own way. – Jo Gifford

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I’m a firm believer that the best writers are the best readers. I know what you’re thinking… “how does that even help me, woman?!” Well, for starters,

  • There is no better way to expand your vocabulary or learn the art of writing than observing the masters.
  • Chances are, your choice of book will inspire you to write something yourself.
  • Taking a break from whatever you’re working on is the Number #1 way to get those ideas flowing.

Writers need to read. A lot. Magazines. Books. Periodicals. And so on. They need to grasp the art of language, to appreciate the finer points of words. As they read, they should jot down ideas and capture thoughts as they come. Nothing inspires a writer like reading someone else’s words. – Jeff Goins

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One of the bonuses of being a multi-passionate being is that I ALWAYS have something else that I can do. If I can’t get in the writing zone, I can work on an art journal spread, or de-stress myself with doodles. Even if you only have one real raison d’etre, there is still always something else you can do…

  • Design some graphics to share on social media
  • Brainstorm ideas for a new product
  • Research a link post
  • Tidy your work station
  • Find something different you’d like to try on Pinterest

Try something new—maybe something you didn’t like when you were younger. Or do something you aren’t familiar with. You’ll feel young and you’ll experience new things and ideas. – Sooshin Choi

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If your business relies on your ability to churn out articles, blog posts or product descriptions then you may not have the luxury to just chillax and let the words find you. In that case I’d like to recommend Jo Gifford’s AMAZING Blogging for Business Bootcamp. It is quite literally the course that started it all for me – it helped me

  • Refocus and declutter all the unnecessary crap that was getting in my way.
  • Jump straight into starting my own business.
  • Identify my “voice”.
  • Come up with 347 blog post ideas in one sitting!

writer's block - 5

Sometimes the act of penning the words is the stumbling block, so why not try recording yourself. Go old school and use a dictaphone, or find an app on your smart phone and just say whatever comes to mind. It may not be the most polished content, but it will help you to start getting those words out…

Writing is harder in some ways than speaking. Writing must be self contained. – Scott Berkun

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