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Why is it that we just can’t say no to a daily challenge?

I’m a bugger for them.

It’s not even like I just SEE these super-fun challenges on the interwebz and decide to hop on.

Oh no.

I insist on creating my OWN daily challenges all. the. time.

And you know what? I never manage to keep up with them.

The latest culprit was a daily blogging challenge I set for myself. I was so jazzed by the prospect. I LOVED the thought of creating daily offerings that would really help people to craft their own killer copy, without hiring a pro. (I think it’s icky when people hoard knowledge. “Creativity is for everyone” has been my furious mantra for years.)

But then client work happened. Ugh. How rude. All these people throwing money at me and demanding my time…

So I missed a day. And then I freewheeled into “well now everything’s RUINED and CRAP and everyone will HATE me”. Not that I’m leaning towards the melodramatic or anything.

It kind of serves me right for ignoring my gut, and listening to other people’s (clearly terrible) advice. “Create it on the fly” they said, “it’ll hold you accountable.”


I’m not just descending into an out-and-out bitch rant (not this time) – this is all leading me towards my top tips for running (or taking part in) a dynamic daily challenge (without COMPLETELY losing your mind).

Celebrate your wins

Remember, a daily blogging challenge that you don’t stick with is not a failure. No matter how much you get done, you’ve still managed to add to your little library of content. (And that stuff can keep working for you for YEARS)

Be realistic

Nobody cares if you stop. You’re the person that will be most pissed off by giving up on a challenge. Your readers may spend 30 seconds feeling bummed about not getting more of you, but they’re online. They’ll soon get distracted by something shiny.

Trust yourself

Trust your instincts with the content you create. If you feel comfortable with something, do THAT. Ignore prompts or advice you don’t like (even this!). Online you will find tips and tricks for EVERYTHING, a lot of it contradictory. Listen to what feels good and sack off the rest.

How about you? Have you fared better at sticking with a daily challenge, or are you just as cursed as me?