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So maybe you’re working full time while trying to launch your own business.

Or perhaps you’re balancing home-work-kids-play?

Or you could just be the kind of girl that says yes to everything?

Chances are you’re headed towards a bit of a burnout. It happens. In this time of constant information overload, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and easy to fall into a rut – especially if you’re a creative type.

Today I’ve put together a list of awesome articles to help you cope with any block you might come up against – enjoy!

>> Alisa Burke has created a fab video series all about coping with creative burnout.

>> After going through a period of creative blocks, Jennibellie shares exactly how to unstuckify and  meet your muse.

>> If you’re anything like me, you’ll be very tempted to sign up to every free challenge you can – here Tammy Garcia shares a bit of a pep talk to help you keep it real.

>> Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has written all about how to let go of expectations and be HAPPY with your art (it’s freeing and AWESOME).

>> It’s not only artists that need to reconnect with their creativity and find motivation – here’s a list of top tips from a series of ProBlogger speakers.

>> 6 ways to rediscover your creative spark and get your blog going again via Daniela Uslan.

>> Elizabeth Gilbert on inspiration, what Tom Waits taught her about creativity, and the most dangerous myth for artists to believe via Brain Pickings.

>> Six steps to make plenty of time for writing AND learn to enjoy it too.

>> Hayley, aka London Beauty Queen, highlights how lonely writing can be in this day and age. I’d also recommend this post if you aspire to be a “big blogger”. Not enough bloggers realise the influence they have on the younger generation, and she summarises the issue perfectly.

>> The Midwifery of Creativity: Denise Levertov on how great works of (literary) art are born.

>> My friend Beth opens up about what she thinks about when she thinks about writing.

>> Uber-successful lifestyle blog, A Beautiful Mess, reveals how they plan and manage blog posts (in an insanely pretty way, I might add!) AND shares how they lay out blog posts.

>> The ever-inspiring Gala Darling tell you exactly how to become a better writer (and also how to promote your small business AND deal with toxic friends) . And then here’s one from her about the importance of cultivating a daily writing practice (as well as a behind-the-scenes peek at her creative process).

>> What you really need before you can write a book by the always-writing Jeff Goins.

>> How to own your story: Vivian Gornick on the art of personal narrative and the power of textured storytelling.

>> Jana from Life Could be a Dream shares tips on what do if your content is stolen. She also has this fabulously whimsical post describing how Jimmy Eat World taught her everything she needs to know about blogging.

>> Sarah von Bargen on how to juggle a blog, a freelance career, a day job and a LIFE.

>> This post by Josephine, of Word Revel, is handy one for any book bloggers (or avid readers). I know I need help managing my ‘to read’ pile!

>> If you sometimes struggle to get your point of view across in your blog posts, check out this article on The Daily Post for some great pointers.

>> The Dexterous Diva, aka Jo Gifford, describes how she stays productive and generates amazing content, with these incredibly useful tips.

Even if none of these articles help you break out of your rut (doubtful, but still), I hope you’re feeling reassured. Sometimes cramming everything in can be really overwhelming, but knowing that even the most creative souls on this planet feel it too can really help.