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As super-busy, butterfly-brain types, we don’t like to let things go. We like to be switched on 24/7, constantly coming up with amazing content, and sparkly new ideas.

But do you know what? That’s a bad idea.

I’m guilty of it myself – I work long hours, have a house to take care of, and a boyfriend who likes to be noticed every now and then. I have a blogging obsession, a creative calling, and a dream of starting my own business. Who has time to chillax?!

20 ways to add creativity to your day

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The truth is though, if you really do want to stay creative, you need to make time. Don’t believe me? Ask some of my favourite creatives/biz owners:

I try and have Fridays off (which is when I notoriously have hair brained plans to launch things) and I do step away sometimes for days at a time to chill and not to be on Facebook. I do art journaling, watch films, sleep, go out to parks, read etc, when I want to unwind.

Jo Gifford – The Dexterous Diva

I used to take Friday afternoons off and make Friday mornings accounts and admin time (then treat myself to a really, REALLY nice lunch). Planning to get back to that habit post-baby. More often than not, when I make the time to stop working for a bit, I come back with a notebook full of new ideas.

Emma Ward – The Freelance Lifestyle

I don’t schedule it because I’m a SAHM so the time I get to work, if I feel like working I TAKE it. But because of my mental health, I also check in with myself before each work time and see if I’m even up to working. If I’m not, I’ll chill out on the couch and watch my son and husband play, or I’ll lay in bed and read.

Kendra Kantor Walroth – Wellness Mentor

I’ve started to be vigorous about taking at least 1 day weekends off to spend with my fiancé even if we just hang out and binge watch Netflix, just to be completely out of it. I burned out quickly when I didn’t. Now I’m looking forward to cycling with him, and exploring a new city.

Christine Schnell – Velocity Marketing

If I don’t have days off, I cannot make my plans happen. Rest is non-negotiable.

Jenny Jameson – WebTech Wonder Woman

Taking time off on my own only works when I’m exercising or dancing and completely focused on that. Otherwise my mind is still fully locked on work mode. I make sure to book things in with other people to get me out of my brain and into the real world.

Jo Shock – Streamlines Virtual Support

I love time off, it’s never the same day or doing the same thing. I want freedom so I create that. Some days I go out with friends and at 6pm start my work, so it’s still a work day. On actual days off I go on retreats, shopping, parties, hang out with my niece, eat out, cook, drink coffees, write, read, bath, spa…

Sile Kate Walsh – Life Coach

I really need time off and what works the best for me is to get out of the hose! I love going for hikes, go drumming or dancing with my soul sisters or play with my kids. Anything that gets me out of my head is awesome.

Karina Ladet – Intuitive Guidance

I find it really easy to fall into the trap of never switching off. Bus rides are for brainstorming content and catching up on social media. Lunch breaks are for drafting blog posts. Evenings are for editing and scheduling. Weekends for creating content. I also find myself conning myself into believing I’m having down time – I’ll think “it totally counts – I’m painting/art journaling/making something”. But it doesn’t count. I’ve had to actively force myself to take time away, and my top tip for this is to find somebody to keep you accountable. I’ve started going to a weekly pole fitness class with my friend. Once a week I stay at Jason’s (and leave my laptop home), and then once a week we have a “date night” (which more often than not is me cooking something lovely, and us watching bad TV). Sometimes all this “wasted time” makes me feel really panicked, but it genuinely helps me stay creative. I have my best ideas when I’m not trying to force them out.

(Ok so that one was mine…)

These amazing ladies all run their own super successful business. Their livelihoods depend on the ability to stay creative and keep generating unique content, so if you listen to anyone, listen to them. Take a break.

How about you? What’s your favourite way to unwind?

20 ways to add creativity to your day

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