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You may or may not know this, but for the past couple of years I took part in Amy (from Savvy Sexy Social)‘s #VEDA challenge (that’s ‘vlog every day in April’ to you and me). I’ll admit, I didn’t quite manage to stick to it every single day – we had a couple of last minute 4am-post-cocktail vids out there, and we had a handful of days where I simply forgot.

In honour of April coming around once again, I’ve put together a list of #creativeveda vlogging prompts – a list of ideas designed with creative business owners in mind. If you’re going to challenge yourself to such a mammoth undertaking – you might as well create content that’s of use to your business, right?

Day 1 – Introduction/Why you’ve decided to take part in this challenge.

Day 2 – Show us your website.

Day 3 – Art journals and sketchbooks.

Day 4 – Are you a creative hermit or a creative nomad?

Day 5 – Ask your viewers what they would like to know about you and your craft/biz.

Day 6 – Share a project you’ve been working on.

Day 7 – Talk about 3 books that inspire you.

Day 8 – What have you done today?

Day 9 – Anatomy of a xx – share a quick step-by-step of one of your creations.

Day 10 – Let’s talk about pens.

Day 11 – Social media fodder.

Day 12 – Bloggers who inspire me.

Day 13 – What are you selling?

Day 14 – What do you struggle with?

Day 15 – Half way point! What have you learnt from your vlogging journey so far?

Day 16 – Meet the pets.

Day 17 – Art journal flip through.

Day 18 – Balancing life and creativity.

Day 19 – Handmade tools.

Day 20 – A tour of your social media channels.

Day 21 – Let’s talk about paper.

Day 22 – What are you working on?

Day 23 – Share one piece of advice.

Day 24 – How do you survive and THRIVE online?

Day 25 – Being spontaneous v. planning it all out.

Day 26 – What’s on your “to read” pile?

Day 27 – Create something!

Day 28 – How do you learn new things?

Day 29 – Why have you chosen a life of creativity?

Day 30 – You made it! Talk about your favourite part of the challenge.

I’d love for you to play along – you can use my list of ideas, Amy’s topic suggestions, or even come up with your own, completely up to you!

Don’t forget to follow #creativeveda and #sssveda so that you can start connecting with the other participants.