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Nowadays, there’s a lot of content that needs creating if you want your business to keep up. And to be frank, if you don’t map it all out, you’ll drive yourself insane.

A decisive plan will turn you into the virtual powerhouse you were born to be, without having to call out the men with the straight jackets to hand. This guide will give you everything you need to create, furnish + refine a content calendar that works for you and your biz.

Consistent content creation is a key element of any business strategy. Whether you’re a professional creative, a success coach or a virtual assistant, providing your audience with a steady flow of quality content will keep them coming back for more.

And that’s what we want. For people to come back to our sites.

Fun fact – did you know that the probability of selling to an existing reader is 60-70%, compared to 5-20% with a new visitor?

I can count on one hand the number of blogs that I’m truly loyal to. But there IS something them each of them have in common:

  • they are filled with relevant, well-crafted content
  • they’re pleasing to the eye
  • their output is so regular I could set my watch to it (if I could wear one without it getting covered in paint)


Content Calendar Coursemap

Everything you could ever need to know about designing, creating + filling your content calendar.

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The internet is flooded with online entrepreneurs – that’s the beauty of the age we live in, we can all make a go of it. But customers are picky. They will go to those people they consider trustworthy – the ones that are visibly consistent, and aren’t about to disappear with their money.

Reliability doesn’t make you boring, it makes you trustworthy.

content calendar coursemap 1

If you’ve started a business and are yet to plant a flag in your own little corner of the internet, these resources will help you understand the benefits of setting up a blog + how to get it going.

You’ll learn about all the ways a blog can raise your profile, feed into your marketing strategy and expand your reach.

content calendar coursemap 2

The life of an online entrepreneur is a freaking busy one. When you’re entirely responsible for finding work, developing products, maintaining client relationships and every other thing that needs doing. You don’t have all the time in the world to focus on content creation.

You’ll discover that developing a content calendar will streamline your blogging, and help make you much more productive.

BONUS – How does a content calendar help?

content calendar coursemap 3

Switching up the types of content you share helps keep your readers interested and engaged. There is no limit to what you can create.

Figure out the different media you can incorporate into your content calendar (+ the tools to get you there). Brush up on the blog post formats that will help charm your readers into coming back to you.

content calendar coursemap 4

Getting started is always the trickiest step. Here you’ll discover exactly what your content plan should contain and learn about all the different tools (either online or otherwise) to help you get yours going.

Remember this is all about crafting a system that works for you, so play around a little.

content calendar coursemap 5

Your unique ideas are the most valuable part of your business. There are endless techniques to help you come up with great stuff to populate your content calendar – here are a some to get you going:

BONUS – Blog prompts to get you going

content calendar coursemap 6

In the online world, quality is undoubtedly more important that quantity. One well-crafted piece of evergreen content will FAR outlive a dozen fluff pieces. Here are a few tips to help you weave words (and revamp your visuals) in a way nobody will forget:

content calendar coursemap 7

We’ve already talked about evergreen posts – those pieces of content that can be shared, essentially, forever. Re-purposing these gems to reach new audiences will keep your content working for you with minimal effort.

BONUS – Review + Refine

I know what you’re thinking…”that a helluva lot to read!”, but please don’t feel overwhelmed. My plan was to round up absolutely everything you need to sort out your content calendar – but feel free to dip in as and when you need it. Feel free to bookmark this page and swing by whenever you need a refresh OR grab the PDF version here (for free, obvs).

Content Calendar Coursemap

Everything you could ever need to know about designing, creating + filling your content calendar.

I hate spam. Tinned and otherwise. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit