The next episode of Your Biz, Your Rules is live and I’m THRILLED to introduce my very first interview.

This show is all about the importance of having biz besties – so I took the opportunity to talk to my real life business bestie about it… because, who better?

Listen here:

The key takeaways:

💛 If you work from home and you’re on your own so much, you do need people there that you can just talk to,

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We’re back for the next installment of the “Just Another Day” series (the movement designed to showcase the more real, less gold-tinted vision of working for yourself). This month I’m featuring the lovely Bella Shaw, a buddy from Jo Gifford’s Brilliance Ignition group.

Bella writes a lot of great stuff over on her blog, all about making healthy changes and finding more “me time” – two things I’m majorly bad at.

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Unless you’ve been camping out in an underground bunker, you’ll have seen them. The incessant, beautifully-staged updates from business owners from around the globe. The ones that seemingly sit around in the sun sipping coconut lattes all day. All laptops, lipsticks and colour coordinated bookshelves.

I don’t know about you, but that’s like how I do business. I’m sat here right now with no makeup, mismatched pyjamas and a vat of tea on standby.

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From the “own business” perspective, we all know the power (and pride) of a great testimonial. But nothing strikes fear our hearts like being asked to provide one for someone we love.

How can we do that person/product/service justice in three lines or less?

Trust me, if you’ve never experienced writer’s block, you will the moment someone asks you for one of these bad boys.

But because I’m SO fabulous,

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If you’re in the “online business” sphere you will no doubt have come across someone (or many someones) that does exactly what you do.

How do you deal with this competition in business? Do you block them on every channel? Start the cyber-stalking? Prime your posse to attack at the slightest slight?

I feel like in our little biz world, we’re conditioned to view these rivals with suspicion. I’ve done it myself on occasion.

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June is always a busy month for me.

In previous years it was exam season, and pre-summer deadline days.

Now, I’m not quite sure where the hectic comes from. I work for myself now, it should be easy, breezey. Actually though, it’s worse. I have this really bad habit of thinking that if I have minutes in the day, those minutes should be spent working.

I will find the balance –

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