Visual content is important.


We all know this by now. We’ve all seen the endless infographics telling us things like…

  • Content with images is viewed 94% more than content without images
  • Visuals are 40 times more likely to be shared on social than any other kind of content
  • People process visuals 600,000 times faster than text

But what if you’re just not that good at designing your own visuals?

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Content Conquered is a series of mini-posts designed to ignite content ideas and inspire you to get creative online.

When you have to create content in this online world of ours, it’s easy to get distracted by what lies ahead. We get stuck in this mindset of “new”.  NEW technology, NEW ideas, NEW platforms…

But to succeed in any creative practice – whether that’s painting, patisserie or putting pen to paper,
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If you have a blog, you want it to be brilliant. That’s a fact.

How do you do that?

It’s all about the content, baby!

To be brutally honest, it doesn’t really matter how beautifully designed your site is if it’s full of shit. To get people coming back for more, you need fantastic posts, there are no two ways about it. Sure, a pretty page and nifty plug-ins make the medicine go down,

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Content Conquered is a series of mini-posts designed to ignite content ideas and inspire you to get creative online.

We all love Pinterest, it’s brilliant. It’s where we find our face painting ideas, our cake recipes, our latest crafty projects… But it’s also a really effective tool for doing content research, whether you’re a blogger, podcaster or hardcore scoper.

When I’m looking for new ideas, I start up by creating a secret board.

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I’ve been dreaming of this new blog series for a while.

I read a LOT of amazing stuff online. Content that really inspires, that pushes boundaries, that leaves me with many an “a-ha” moment (and a ton of blog post ideas).

My plan is that each month, I’ll round up the good and the great and share them all here. I’m a big advocate for sharing what others create – constantly pimping your own stuff is exhausting (and icky),

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I’ve mentioned before that the internet is an everlasting gobstopper of content – not matter how long you suck on it, the flavour keeps coming.

Ok, that metaphor’s getting weird…

Let me start again.

We’re in charge of our client satisfaction, our marketing, our product development, our admin and accounting, our facilities issues, our tech… the list goes on and on – and that’s before we even get to content creation.

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One side effect of the information overload we’re all suffering from is that we scan. We don’t read. We scan. It takes seconds for us to skim over an article and decide whether or not we want to read it, tweet it, pin it, etc.

There are tons of really simple ways to break up your blog posts, without the need for mad tech skills, expensive software, or even much effort:


A no-brainer,

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So maybe you’re working full time while trying to launch your own business.

Or perhaps you’re balancing home-work-kids-play?

Or you could just be the kind of girl that says yes to everything?

Chances are you’re headed towards a bit of a burnout. It happens. In this time of constant information overload, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and easy to fall into a rut – especially if you’re a creative type.

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