As you probably know by now, I get pretty giddy about all things “productivity”, so when Merilyn Beretta (founder of The Productivity Cure and all-around planning whizz) agreed to join me on the podcast I was in the clouds.

Without further gushing, let’s get to it…

Listen here:

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This episode of Your Biz, Your Rules is a little bit business and a BIG bit creative, messy fun. You might not know this, but in my spare time I love to make art. There’s something so freeing about hit a blank piece of paper with my paints and my pens… especially when I’ve spent my day confined by the sharp edges of the internet.

But this isn’t just about me. I got to dig deep with fabulous mixed-media artist and creative coach,

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I’m really excited to share this week’s episode of Your Biz, Your Rules partly because there are some great nuggets for anyone looking to grow their virtual team (as I was when we recorded this show) and also because Mary is someone I’ve had the good fortune to connect with in real life…

Not a big deal for most people, but I’m like the anti-networker, so it seems significant. Anyhoo, dive in, soak in all of her great tips then go check out her BRAND NEW podcast that launches tomorrow (scroll down for a link).

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As much as I love all my guests, and all my interviews, on Your Biz, Your Rules, I have to admit that this show, featuring the one and only Lisa Carpenter, was bloody brilliant. She has so much insanely insightful stuff to share… it felt kind of like a mini-coaching session on the topic of business self-care (and much, much, more).

I hope you guys all enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording (and I hope you all get as much out of the chat too).

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If there’s one thing I find myself saying all the bloody time it’s this:

Your content is not your end goal. It’s the thing that will help you move towards your end goal.

So what that means, in a nutshell, is that you need to focus your content. You need to approach the whole shebang with a bit more strategy and a bit less scattergunning. That doesn’t mean you need to pull out scary spreadsheets and figure out EVERY SINGLE MOVE YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE EVER,

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