Ok, I’m going to let you in on a little “behind the scenes” secret.

When I start working with any of my visibility coaching clients, we always kick off by talking about their big goals and how they’d like to show up in the world. So far, EVERY SINGLE ONE has hit me with “I think I might want to start a podcast”.

(Note that they say “I think I might want to”

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Do you ever feel like you want to be an “Instagram person” while struggling with what to post? Yes? Good, this episode is for you.

The 5 Instagram post ideas I’m about to share really can be tweaked and published again and again (so you never ever run out of content on that platform of dreams). To prove it, beneath each prompt, I’m popping a few different ways you could interpret it. Have fun with this framework,

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I spend a whole bunch of time scrolling on Instagram (it’s a nice chunk of my job so I have an excuse reason) and one thing I see a lot of is people rabbiting on about self-care.

But in this delightfully curated Insta world, self-care seems to mean humble-bragging beach selfies, on-brand bath bombs and macaroons that coordinate a little too perfectly with that fresh manicure…

The reality is that self-care is all about looking after yourself…

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Ok, I’m going to admit something that kind of makes me look like a slacker and a failure… over the past couple of years I have bought and/or downloaded THIRTEEN digital marketing systems and strategies.

I did the work – I’m a vigilant box-ticker – I filled in all my worksheets, made my plans, set my calendar reminders and then… nothing. I did not implement a blessed thing.

Want to know the real reason why?

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*Exciting episode alert*

So I have been trying to get the lovely Gemma Went on my podcast since the day I decided I was going to have one, but this lady is *busy*. She runs one of the most engaging Facebook groups EVER, hosts multiple masterminds (one of which I’ve worked through myself), she’s a coach, a digital strategist, a course creator, a podcaster… the second I saw a slot in her calendar I was THERE.

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