This episode of Your Biz, Your Rules is a little bit business and a BIG bit creative, messy fun. You might not know this, but in my spare time I love to make art. There’s something so freeing about hit a blank piece of paper with my paints and my pens… especially when I’ve spent my day confined by the sharp edges of the internet.

But this isn’t just about me. I got to dig deep with fabulous mixed-media artist and creative coach, Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond…

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The key takeaways:

💛 This skill of creative thinking, this outside the box thinking, it’s what we as entrepreneurs do pretty much every day. We figure out a strategy. It’s not just A plus B equals C, it’s not a mathematical equation.

💛 There’s something magical about creating in a sketchbook or in an art journal because you can just turn the page and it’s gone.

💛 We collect all these thoughts and feelings of, “I can’t be creative, I can’t do this, I can’t do that.” Sometimes we just need to take a step back and go, “What if I could?” How do some of us start these little businesses? By going, “What if I could fill this gap I’ve just found?”

💛  When you’re creating, you’re working through something, and  it’s meditative. It allows you to connect with fears and with emotions that you wouldn’t normally go anywhere here. Especially if you’re a grade A perfectionist, art journaling helps you release some of that grip on perfection and helps you let go a bit.

💛 You can only take on so much at a time. If we start to look at these sort of connection activities, like art journaling, or even just regular journaling, we start to recharge, we start to see those connections, and we start to see the stuff that we find is a problem, so we can deal with them. Whereas if we’re forever numbing and forever hiding, we don’t see those things, and then 20 years down the line you wonder why you feel really unfulfilled.

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This skill of creative thinking, this outside the box thinking, it's what we as entrepreneurs do pretty much every day. ~ @inkypaws Click To Tweet We actually use it every day, even if we think we don't. ~ @inkypaws Click To Tweet If you're a problem solver you're a creative. Click To Tweet It's way cheaper to doodle on a cardboard box than it is to drink a bottle of wine every night. Click To Tweet

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Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond is a Mad Scientist, Mixed Media artist and Creative Mentor based in West Yorkshire, UK.

She is the terrified creative’s secret weapon. Helping you to transform fear and overwhelm into tangible art that you love, what’s more; healing your mind, body, and soul to boot! Together we will tackle the terror and rebuild your creative confidence so you can indulge in the creative outlet you love.

You can find her up to her eyeballs in paint, paper, and glue over at

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