In this episode, I’m talking to growth coach, Natalie Alexia about all things self-care.

We all know how important self-care is (even if some of us totally ignore the good habits we KNOW we should be developing). This seems to be an issue that raises its head even more as we head into the holidays… I just hope this installment of Your Biz, Your Rules gives you a bit of food for thought – it certainly did for me!

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The key takeaways:

💛 How we treat ourselves is an indicator of how we allow other people to treat us.

💛 Our society places a lot of worth on “doing”, but you have to find the balance with “being”.

💛 Visualisation is a way to foster innovation because when you consistently visualize something which is not your reality, and you’re simultaneously experiencing the reality, you open up the filters in your mind to look for the information that will close the gap. It’s giving you the impetus for action.

💛 We make up stories that everything is the most important thing. And we also make up stories that there is no one else who can do anything the way that we do it. And that means that it’s not right or not good enough. Those are really exhausting thoughts. And they’re not true.

💛 Incremental change is what helps us build trust in ourselves. Small, manageable wins are the thing. Self-care is not about obligations or making drastic transformations.

💛 Self-care and self-love have the capacity to shift everything in your life because when you can get to that place of loving and honouring yourself, it impacts self-belief, self-worth, self-confidence. It helps you show up differently, whether it’s as a partner, as a leader in your business, as a mother, as a father, as a sister…

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We all have these snippets of crazy deep down. Click To Tweet Saying no is an act of self-care. ~ @loveistrueblack Click To Tweet It's not self-care just because somebody else says it's self-care. Click To Tweet You get to mix your own self-care cocktail. Click To Tweet Your energy will introduce you before you say a word. ~ @loveistrueblack Click To Tweet Balance is strategic. ~ @loveistrueblack Click To Tweet

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Natalie Alexia is a rebel hearted, speaker and creative growth strategist. Her projects and social movements have taken her around the world to speak, train and coach… She helps people to stretch beyond what they thought was possible for them and their business. Her work is about illuminating your blocks, expanding your vision and applying creative thinking to help you become the person you’re here to be (and having a lot of fun in the process)…

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