Unless you’ve been camping out in an underground bunker, you’ll have seen them. The incessant, beautifully-staged updates from business owners from around the globe. The ones that seemingly sit around in the sun sipping coconut lattes all day. All laptops, lipsticks and colour coordinated bookshelves.

I don’t know about you, but that’s like how I do business. I’m sat here right now with no makeup, mismatched pyjamas and a vat of tea on standby. I think I’d feel much less “not good enough” if I had more down-to-earth people to inspire me. Don’t you agree?

Well that the thinking behind “Just Another Day“, my new series featuring normal(ish) business women. It may only be a single 24 hours behind-the-scenes, but the ladies I have lined up will show us that we don’t all need a Bali beach house and a mind full of guru-speak to create a career we’ve always dreamed of.

First up, I’d like to introduce Tori Mistick, marketing pro and fellow dog mama:

6:15am Alarm goes off. Time to get up and feed the dogs. I grab a peach for breakfast, I get the best produce from the Shadyside Farmer’s Market every weekend. They’re so good!

7:00-8:00am Gym time! Today’s workout consisted of lots of squats, Turkish getups, Bosu Ball work for balance and a little rope climbing at the end!

8:15am Back home and out for a quick walk with Lucy so I can do our Daily Dog Walk Periscope. I love my periscope viewers and try to broadcast to them 5 days a week when I walk the dogs.
8:30am Coffee meeting for my work with Think Shadyside. I order an Iced Chai Charger with 2 shots of Espresso… my new favorite Summer coffee drink!
10:00am Back at my desk, which I desperately need to clean up and organize. My Monday was super hectic (ending with a Burger Cook-Off event I organized!), so I didn’t get much time at my desk. Once a week I like to completely clean it up. It helps me feel more organized about my work since I juggle so many different jobs.

11:00am Updating my Instagram. I’m in 3 comment pods where we like and comment on each other’s posts to drive engagement. So, it takes me some time to catch up on all that. I usually spend one 20 minute chunk of time on my own Instagram each day I post. I like to engage with relevant hashtags and comment on my followers’ posts. I might log back in later in the afternoon to follow up on comments my post received.

In between work, I throw in a couple loads of laundry – one of the perks of working from home!

11:30am Off to a chiropractor appointment… for my dog! My senior dog Lola is having mobility issues so we’ve been seeing the pet chiropractor once a week for the past month. She’s slowly improving.

12:45pm I grab lunch at the salad bar at Whole Foods a few times per week. I stay to eat in the cafe area and do some client Facebook and Instagram work while I eat.

2:30pm I take Lucy out for a quick walk around the block when I get back home. It’s 90 degrees out, so we make it quick!

2:45pm I get distracted by some online shopping on SheIn.com thanks to @Sawissinger’s Instagram post! I always have a hard time focusing after lunch, which is why I try to get all my priority work done in the morning.

3:30pm Doing some graphic design and social media work for clients. I’m listening to Christine & The Queens and Glass Animals on Pandora while I work.

4:00pm Writing a blog post for Wear Wag Repeat on holistic care for your senior dog. This takes a little time because I need to create a Pinterest optimized image to go with the post. Once it’s up I share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

5:00pm Checking emails. Must get to Inbox Zero!

5:30pm Doggy dinner time. It takes a little while to prepare everything since Lola has various supplements, medications, and mix-ins. I put more effort into their food than my own!

6:00pm Wrapping up work by designing three email blasts. Two are pretty simple but the third is the monthly Think Shadyside newsletter that I produce to promote the neighborhood.

7:30pm Work is done! I’m making fresh ravioli from City Fresh Pasta (another great find at the Shadyside Farmer’s Market!).

About Tori

Tori Mistick blogs about creating a more beautiful life with your dog at WearWagRepeat.com. She has been creating social media with style for small businesses in Pittsburgh for 7 years. Tori also serves part-time as the Director of the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce (http://thinkshadyside.com). 
Find her here:
Snapchat: @tmistick

Are you interested in being featured as part of Just Another Day? Drop me an email >> hello@dairepaddy.com

Hey! I’m Daire – writer, editor, all-round content weaver. I help business owners stand out online by channelling their personalities into everything they do. My dream is to show you that you can have an inspiring, insightful, INTERESTING online presence (and that you can use that to attract the best and brightest buyers into your orbit).

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One thought on “Just another day with Tori Mistick

  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! I said goodbye to my sweet older dog Lola last month, so it’s bittersweet to read about my daily routine earlier in the Summer. But I’m thinking about her and channeling her energy to keep on going with my business and my blog!

    Posted on September 19, 2016 at 9:01 pm