I take thoughts + turn them into meaningful (witty) words.

Daire /dara/ [n.] 1. Word-weaving wonder woman. 2. No-nonsense know-it-all. 3. Ghostwriter to the stars (in my eyes).


Are you buckling under the pressure of creating all the content, all the time?

Are you sick of sounding so, well, boring?

Does the magic of your mind get totally lost in translation?

Do you worry, wince and waver every time someone asks for a link to your stuff?

I've been writing stories since I was 3, and now those stories help people make money online.

Now let me just say...

I colour code my books. I've read the dictionary. I drink tea all day long. I know every episode of Buffy off by heart. I collect more quotes than the trashiest tabloid. My wisdom comes from power ballads. I'm a creator of artwork, comfort food and the hootiest quips.

And all of this? It makes me a pretty good writer.

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